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Health Information

TenderHearts maternal fetal cardiac program

The TenderHearts programs offers cardiovascular care at every stage of pregnancy. Learn more >>

Multiple Blessings program

A comprehensive and integrated program that specializes in the management of care and delivery of multiple gestation pregnancies. Learn more >>

When Mom and baby need a little extra care

A woman’s obstetrician or family physician is well-prepared to oversee her pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby. Some women, however, have concerns or needs that would benefit from additional, highly specialized expertise.

For these high-risk women, the joy of expecting a baby can be tempered by uncertainties and fear. Our staff understands the special needs of these patients and is here to serve and guide them through their pregnancy.

The management of high-risk pregnancies requires knowledge, skill, expertise and strong institutional support. At Maternal-Fetal Medicine, we are able to draw on all the technologically and clinically advanced resources the Community Health Network has to offer, including an integrated team of providers committed to serving the needs of high-risk patients, such as experts in genetics and neonatology, as well as other pediatric specialists.

Together, our team is dedicated to a focused goal: providing patients with confident, competent, compassionate and consistent care during pregnancy. Because we work together as a team with the primary obstetrician, our patients can be confident that they will receive informed, individualized and comprehensive treatment through every stage of pregnancy and childbirth, by physicians and other professionals who truly care about them.